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Sonja Scherndl

Hello and welcome to my site!

This site has primarily been created as a fundraising site, as it supports a billboard campaign for Share the World's Resources (  All proceeds will go into producing posters like these, which will appear on bus stops, on the backs of buses, inside trains and other place that we might consider in future.


The poster states that we all have a right to food, housing, medical care and necessary social services as outlaid by Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Many people are not even

aware that such an Article exists, whilst our rights to these fundamental and basic services are dwindling

away (in the UK and other affluent countries), yet they have never existed in many of the poorer nations.

In regards to my paintings: I have been privately cataloguing photographic images over several years, with the main focus on the natural world. Having lived close to Hampstead Heath and Regents Park for the past 20 years, provided the perfect opportunities to dive deep into the heart of these green respite areas, capturing some of the more hidden elements with a micro lens.

I combine this with my painting practice, which is an exploratory process of colour, form and different mediums. It often creates very similar colour combinations found in the natural world, resulting in the collection I have built up over some time of abstract paintings, using acrylic paint, alcohol inks and other mediums. I hope to bring the curiosity of the viewer to the forefront, to allow unfamiliar colour patterns to form new impressions in one’s own mind. By allowing the painting to penetrate us, we may also discover that which is hidden within us. Therefore no two people will see the same, and what may be obvious to one may never occur to another. 

I have only just recently started to name my paintings, as they are currently on exhibition in the Social Urban Coffee Shop in Islington, in order for customers to email me about the painting that they may want to purchase.

You can watch a short video of it on my instagram page sonjascher

Have fun exploring the site!


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Bus stop billboard.jpeg
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